Work Work Work

I’ve been pretty busy lately, mostly because I started my first week of work. It’s a great job, and most of the time it is so fun I don’t even feel like I’m working, but my first day was pretty tricky. I had to get used to all the routines and small jobs included in mine, and i got lost once or twice. There was a lot of detail i needed to remember. Everyone training me was super nice though and I think i got the hang of it pretty quickly. My job also includes a lot of standing and a lot of smiling so both my feet and cheeks were sore by the end of the evening. I worked on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, twice as long Saturday, and on Sunday. I get home late at night so I’m usually tired. Here are some things I learned on the job this week:

  • Setting a specific routine makes everything easier
  • You might think you are a people person, then THOSE customers change your mind
  • People can be quite rude to you
  • An easy way to remember everything is to write it down
  • Speak up and don’t mumble
  • Meet every guest with a smile
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • If a customer asks a question you don’t know the answer to, get someone who DOES know the answer and listen to what they say to the guest. This way you can now answer the question yourself.
  • Pay attention!
  • Be nice to everyone, co-workers included
  • Drama in the workplace is best avoided

Can’t wait for school to start! Then work and school at the same time will be SO much fun. We’ll see.


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